26 2016 Sep

This is one of those things I want to know, but I also don’t want to know. Inside Edition has discovered that some hotels are simply not changing linens between guests. I don’t think this is the norm, but it is still a bit disturbing.

More from Huffington Post:

When you check into a hotel, it seems fair to expect freshly-laundered sheets on the bed. But new evidence suggests those fluffy puffs of heaven may not be as clean as you believe.

In the above video, reporters from “Inside Edition” checked into a Residence Inn in New York City. They spray the bed sheets with invisible paint before checking out, then check in again the next day under a new name. When they scan the bed, the paint is still there. The sheets haven’t been washed.

The hotel’s manager characterizes the incident as an unusual error, since this shouldn’t be the norm at any hotel, as one housekeeping honcho told us.

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