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The National Travel and Tourism Office compiles a list each year of the most popular US cities for foreign travelers. No surprise, the coasts are quite popular. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami and New York round out the top 5.

I was surprised to see Chicago made the list. Not that Chicago isn’t a great city, but unlike east coast destinations, Chicago isn’t in close proximity to other large metropolitan areas. I’m sure the good folks of Milwaukee will take umbrage however.

Descriptions of the top 2 travel destinations from Traveler’s Digest:

2. Miami, Florida, with 4,005,000 visitors


Miami is sometimes called the capital of Latin America, a reflection of Miami’s kaleidoscope of Latin American peoples. The city is also incredibly well connected via air to Latin America and, with 16% of visitors to America hailing from the region, it’s a perennially popular destination. In all, the city received almost 500,000 more visitors in 2013 than 2012, a 15% increase. So it must be doing something right.

1. New York City with 9,579,000 visitors


An astonishing 30% of all foreign visitors to the United States in 2013 visited New York City during their trips. While that percentage is down just a bit from the 2012 numbers, no other city even comes within 5 million visitors of New York. So why is New York so popular? Well, it has a sterling international reputation, a host of iconic landmarks and excellent air connections to Western Europe, a region which accounts for 37% of all visitors to the United States.

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