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23 2016 Sep

WaPo Hilariously Describes Why You Should Never Travel With Tom Hanks

Everywhere he goes, he ends up in a life threatening situation! Tom Hanks is an amazing actor, but he always seems to end up in a bad spot.

More from the Washington Post:

Say you find yourself as a character in a Tom Hanks movie plot. Congratulations! What an opportunity.

But just be careful to steer clear of all modes of transportation.

Tom Hanks is a great actor and seems like a swell guy, but Tom Hanks in movies does not have a safe track record when it comes to travel. The latest installment in the “maybe don’t go anywhere with Tom Hanks” list is “Sully,” which opens Friday. In the movie, Hanks is a pilot whose plane is disabled after it strikes a flock of geese. The lesson: Don’t get onto a plane piloted by Tom Hanks.