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20 2016 Sep

No Starship Enterprise, But You Can Still Cruise With Star Trek

Themed cruises are pretty much amazing. They allow people with a shared interest to chat up celebrities and fans for a week while enjoying lovely weather and world-class service.

But for those like myself, huge nerds, there’s the Star Trek cruise. Organizers have announced two more cruises for 2018 that will feature some of the biggest names from the hit TV show and movie series!


More from USA Today:

The second round of Star Trek-themed cruises will both be hosted by George Takei (Sulu on the originalStar Trek series) and take place on the 2,394-passenger Norwegian Pearl, sailing from Miami to the Western Caribbean.

Officials of St. Louis-based Entertainment Cruise Productions, which is producing the cruises, said 4,000 people had signed up for early notice of the 2018 sailings.

“I am so excited and honored that so many of you are so eager to vacation with me and my Star Trek colleagues,” Takei said in a press release.

A six-day Star Trek: The Cruise II sailing embarks on Jan. 5, 2018, and a five-day sailing on Jan. 11, 2018.

Other cast members who have signed on to be onboard include Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn and Gates McFadden from Star Trek: The Next Generation; Terry Farrell and Rene Auberjonois from Deep Space Nine; and Ethan Phillips from Star Trek: Voyager, with more expected to be announced.

According to the producers, the cruises will be a “fully immersive experience” for Star Trek fans who can hang out in specially redesigned spaces of the ship — such as “Sandrine’s II” restaurant (a “sister” to the restaurant of Chez Sandrine on Star Trek: Voyager) and the 13 Forward bar (influenced by Ten Forward on Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Special Star Trek cocktails will also be available at the renamed “The Captain’s Club.”