13 2016 Jul

Travel Deals Now Easier To Find On Google

Google has always been a great place to start a search for travel arrangements. It just got even better! New updates to Google mobile will now make it even easier to find the absolute best prices on flights and hotels.

  • Hotel smart filters: You’ll now be able to filter hotel search results based on specific needs. Alferness wrote: “We’ll make it easy to search for exactly what people want, like ‘Pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco under $200’ to find the perfect hotel for them.” Currently, this feature is available in the US and they plan to roll it out globally later this year.
  • Hotel deals: If a hotel rate is lower than usual or if there are discounts available for your specific travel date, Google will now include a “Deal” label on the search result.
  • Hotel tips: If you can save money traveling on a different day, you might get a “Tip” that tells you how much you can save with a little flexibility.
  • Better flight price tracking: If you save a Google Flight and it drops or increases significantly in price, you’ll now get an email notifying you of the change.

H/t Lifehacker

The full list of features from Google can be found here.

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13 2016 Jul

Wow, This Airline Is Offering $39 Flights For 2 days!

We can’t help but love the flash sales on Airline tickets. Jet Blue has announced a special two-day sale with some incredible deals. They are offering international and regional flights for less than $100 round trip. Snatching up cheap airfares during these sales is the best way to save a bundle on your next vacation!


While there are some restrictions, it appears they would be pretty easy to plan around.

Fares include government taxes and fees.
Book by July 13, 2016 (the earlier of 11:59 PM ET or local time).
Monday – Thursday & Saturday travel between August 22 – November 17, 2016. Blackout dates: 9/5 & 10/10/16 (all cities); plus, 11/10 – 11/14/16 (JFK, LGA, EWR only).
Blue fare shown.
Different or additional day of week restrictions, travel windows, and blackout dates may apply and vary by route. Click on a fare for details.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.21.58 AM

The best deal looks like round trip airfare from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl to the Bahamas for $78!

We’re always on the lookout for good deals on air travel! Check out the video below for more tips!

30 2015 Sep

Little Known Secret for Cheap Flight Tickets

Ever wonder how people get such cheap flight tickets? There are tricks to the trade that take a little bit more time and effort than simply going online and purchasing the first ticket you find. One of the best ways to secure cheap flight tickets is to know the policies the airlines don’t advertise right up front. There is a little known policy which if executed right can save you quite alot of money on your next flight, especially if you book well in advance. See my video below to learn about this little known airline policy.

How you can redeem the cost difference if the price of your flight itinerary drops after you purchase it.

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Triple My Travel

P.S. Want to get the benefit without any of the work? I’ve got some great technology that will scan the price of your itinerary from the moment you purchase it until the moment you board the plane. If the price of your ticket ever drops you will get a full, automatic refund on the spot! If you’d like more information, send an email to kyle@triplemytravel.com and I’ll give you the full scoop.

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4 2015 Aug

Use Airline Shopping Portals For Cheap Flight Tickets

Untitled design(14)Do you struggle with the cost of flights and wonder if there are better ways to earn cheap flight tickets? This post will show you how you can leverage your every day spending to lower the cost of your airline ticket or even earn a free rewards flight!

I’ve always had a passion for travel, but like most people I talk to these days the cost of airline tickets prevented me from traveling as much as I wanted. Then I discovered there are many lucrative ways to earn frequent flyer miles on the ground. Now I earn frequent flyer miles every single day!


How Do I Earn Frequent Flyer Miles Without Flying?

There are several ways to earn frequent flyer miles without flying. I have leveraged all of them to earn over 400,000 frequent flyer miles and points so far this year, and so can you. One of the most lucrative is to use airline shopping portals to earn cheap flight tickets or free rewards flights.

Video on How to Use Airline Shopping Portals For Cheap Flight Tickets

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P.S. If you would like information on how you can earn 5,000 frequent flyer miles a month without spending a dime, check out my free report here!

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3 2015 Aug

Find Your Perfect Travel Rewards Card

Wondering how you can find your perfect travel rewards card? If you’d like a great travel rewards card but don’t know which one to choose, this article is for you! It helps you choose which card you should use, based on the type of travel you do.

How to Find the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card for You


Choosing a travel rewards credit card can be overwhelming.

Every week, American consumers receive millions of pieces of direct mail from credit card issuers offering large sign-on bonuses and fast ways to travel for free.

If you search for the best travel card on Google, you will be presented with millions of results. It can be very difficult to find the best card.

Most credit card comparison tools are either blog posts or static lists of credit cards. One of the oldest in the market is CreditCards.com, which has a page dedicated to travel and airline credit cards. The top result is the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card.

Is Capital One Venture the best card for everyone? As my research reveals, it depends upon your situation. I used the customizable tool at MileCards.com to review three different scenarios, and I received three different recommendations. Now more than ever personalized recommendations are important to earn the best rewards.

Scenario 1: The Frequent Flier

Bob flies United Airlines all the time for business. He is earning 50,000 miles every year from business travel and wants to top up those miles with a credit card. He spends about $3,000 each month on his personal credit card and about $800 of that is in restaurants.

Based upon Bob’s information, the recommendation was the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. The card allows you to earn 2 points for every $1 you earn on dining, and you can transfer the Sapphire points directly to United Airlines. Including the first year bonus, Bob would earn 91,600 points in the first 12 months. Capital One Venture doesn’t allow you to transfer points to existing frequent flier programs, and would not have been the best option for Bob.

Scenario 2: The Infrequent Flier With Hawaii Dreams

Sarah never flies. A recent graduate, she wants to visit Hawaii soon, but only if she can get a free flight. And she doesn’t want a card with an Annual Fee. She spends about $1,000 a month, and most of it is spent on groceries and gas.

Find out more!

How to Find the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card for You – DailyFinance


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P.S. If you would like information on how you can use your travel rewards card to earn 5,000 frequent flyer miles a month without spending a dime, send me an email at kyle@triplemytravel.com and I’ll give you the inside scoop!

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3 2015 Aug

How To Find Amazing Discount Luxury Hotel Deals

Untitled-design-300x300If you’d like to find amazing discount luxury hotel deals, I have a great tactic for you. You can get ridiculously low prices if you know how to use Priceline correctly. Priceline offers a “Name Your Own Price” feature for hotel reservations. With this feature you can bid for a hotel room.  If Priceline accepts your bid, you stay at the hotel for the price you named. You don’t get to choose a specific hotel, only the general geographic area and the star rating. You will be given the name of the specific hotel only after you win the bid and your credit card has been charged. There are no refunds and no changes available, but if you win the bid you get incredible savings.

The catch is that Priceline only allows one bid every 24 hours. If you bid too low you have to wait a day until you can bid again. But you can beat Priceline because you are reading this blog and have access to my secrets! I regularly get over 30 free rebids at major cities with this tactic! Just follow the below steps for the best way to beat Priceline.

Step 1: Check out this humorous video by a reporter in Seattle on how to beat Priceline at its own game. (The following steps will be much easier to understand if you have a basic understanding of the strategy outlined in the video. Spoiler alert: The below steps are going to allow 95% of the calculations outlined in the video to be done for you automatically.)

Step 2: Want a site that walks you through all the steps in the video automatically? How about having a service that shows you the lowest, most recently accepted Priceline bid in the area you want to stay? Hop over to Bidding Traveler.

Step 3: Enter the location, check-in and check-out dates that you need for your hotel reservation and click “Just Priceline bidding”.

Step 4: Look at the map display of the city zones. Select all the zones you are willing to stay in, the more the better.

Step 5: Look at the star ratings and select the highest hotel star rating that you want to stay in.

Step 6: Analyze the list of recently rejected bids and recently accepted bids. Using that analysis and the recommended lowball offer and final offer from Bidding Traveler, enter your lowball and final offer amounts and click “Continue With Manual Bidding. Pay specific attention to the dates. Often times the recently rejected bids will be closer to your reservation dates than the recently approved. Depending on your situation you may have to bid higher than the final recommendation quoted by the bidding traveler.

Step 7: Set Your Bidding Strategy by setting the number of bids to the maximum amount possible. Now that The Bidding Traveler has done its work and exposed the loopholes in Priceline’s bidding system, you can certainly bid more than once!

Step 8: Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit continue. You will see Priceline’s website. (If you do not have an account with Priceline, make sure you get one and put in your billing information as it makes rebidding much quicker.)

Step 9: Follow the directions spelled out for you by The Bidding Traveler at the top of the webpage. The Bidding Traveler will walk you through step by step, ensuring you maximize the number of times you can bid by exposing the loophole in the Priceline system!

Step 10: Receive your reservation from the hotel and enjoy the massive amount of savings you just realized!

I have repeatedly used this strategy to save hundreds of dollars and find amazing discount luxury hotel deals. While it does take a little bit more effort to book your hotel this way, the savings are well worth it. Please leave me a comment below, on my FB page, or send me an email with the form on the Contact Page if you enjoyed this article or have any travel related questions. I’d love to hear from you!

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29 2015 Jul

Frequent Flyer Programs

freqflyerThe first secret to getting free flights is a proper understanding of frequent flyer programs. They are the key to unlocking free flights to destinations all over the world. The world’s airlines began frequent flyer programs as an incentive for customers to continue using their services for flights.

If a customer had a frequent flyer card, they would earn frequent flyer miles equivalent to the distance they flew with that particular airline. So for example, if you flew from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA, a distance of 400 miles, you would get 400 frequent flyer miles to use towards a free flight. As these programs became more popular, businesses took note and began offering frequent flyer bonuses as incentives for signing up for a whole host of programs.

Now customers could get frequent flyer miles for credit card sign ups, hotel stays, dining programs, opening new investment accounts, etc. This meant that, not only could customers earn a free flight by flying numerous times, you could get a free flight by taking advantage of these business promotions while you were on the ground! The key to getting free flights is to learn about these opportunities and take maximum advantage of each one. If you learn how to do this, you can fly to your favorite destinations for free.

Most of the world’s airlines fall under one of three separate alliances. The three big alliances are: OneWorld, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam. If you do not have a frequent flyer account with at least one airline in each alliance, you need to get one as they are completely free. You can access the alliances websites at the following links OneWorld, Star Alliance, SkyTeam.

Pick your most likely traveled airline in each alliance and sign up for their respective frequent flyer programs. You want to have a frequent flyer account with at least one airline in each alliance as you can transfer miles from one airline to another when you redeem them. Most people do not know that you can transfer these miles to partner airlines within each alliance. Having this option greatly increases your flexibility when booking an awards flight.

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28 2015 Jul

Best Cheap Eats

The best advice you’ll ever hear to finding the best cheap eats while traveling is to eat like a local. How do you do that? It’s easy with a few tips and an open mind!

Travel Cheap By Eating Like a Local

http://www.frugalwoods.com/2014/08/25/travel-cheap-by-eating-like-a-local/Today, we’re going to delve into two of my most beloved topics: food and travel! As I’ve shared, Mr. Frugalwoods and I are afflicted with ardent wanderlust and feel extraordinarily fortunate that we’ve traveled so much. But, we never spend a fortune doing it.

Just as we frugalize our meals at home (remember, breakfast is the hidden budget destroyer!), travel eats-on-the-cheap are a key element of a Frugalwoods-style journey.

The Easy Way Out (aka Amsterdam Brunch, Baby!)

If you can finagle a free breakfast out of your lodging arrangement, excellent! Eat hearty and scavenge scraps for lunch. Two meals done!

Let me tell you about our most epic free breakfast occasion ever. We use Starwood hotel points for free hotel stays worldwide and the hotel we stayed at in Amsterdam (Hotel Pulitzer) included a free buffet breakfast.

I’m going to go ahead and say that this hotel would’ve saved money if they’d just given us $50 for breakfast every day instead of allowing Mr. FW and I free reign of the breakfast buffet. This was no Old Country Buffet, Golden Corral, Perkins, Bob Evans-type of buffet. This was a Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Four Seasons-type of buffet.

We walked in the first morning expecting some modest cold cereals, bagels, and hard boiled eggs, which we would’ve been perfectly happy with.

What we found instead was a quaint dining room awash in sunlight replete with white linen table cloths, a personal waiter for every 2 tables (at a BUFFET, mind you), smoked salmon, champagne, cooked-to-order eggs and omelets, waffles, pancakes, a barista making coffees, a plethora of pastries, a ton of fresh cut fruit, oatmeal, cereal, bacon, sausage, cold cuts, finger sandwiches, petite fours.

Basically every Western European food that could ever, or has ever, been considered a brunch item.

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Travel Cheap By Eating Like a Local – Frugalwoods

20 2015 Apr

Blog For People Who Travel Frequently and Want Ideas To Make Life Easier

10401223_526485446901_9650_nWelcome to Triple My Travel Blog!  I designed this blog to help people who travel frequently and want ideas to make life easier! I’d like to start off by asking you a question. If you could travel to any location on the planet, where would you go? It’s an important question to ask yourself and really ponder. Do you have the location, yet? Ok, good! Now ask yourself how you would feel if you could fly and stay there for free? Impossible you say? It’s definitely possible and thousands of travel rebels around the world are using the insider secrets you will find on this blog to do just that.

In fact many of them are tripling the amount of vacations they can afford per year! Do you worry that the cost of plane tickets, hotel reservations, and local transportation put travel out of your financial reach? Do you believe you need to “hold off” on visiting your bucket list destinations for years and years until you have saved enough money to visit? If you do, you’ll love the secrets found on this blog.

Your favorite bucket list destinations are definitely affordable. With a little work and the right strategy, travel can cost very little to nothing at all. If you’ve wanted to add the richness, adventure, and excitement that amazing travel experiences can bring to your life, keep reading, this blog is for you!