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19 2016 Sep

Ever Wondered How To Make A Great Travel Video?

The good folks over at ‘Stoked For Saturday’ offer up some winning tips and tricks to make an awesome travel video while you’re on the road! The best part is the equipment referenced in the video is all relatively cheap and easy to use.

I personally love the Canon 70D and Rode Shotgun mic for all of my video shooting!

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19 2016 Sep

Off The Beaten Path In Orlando

Orlando offers untold attractions for the masses. Disney World, Epcot Center and the Kennedy Space center, just to name a few. These destinations are a lot of fun, but they can also be very crowded. To avoid the masses and enjoy a little more relaxation, CNN Travel has some helpful ideas. I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites below!

If you’ve ever wanted to launch yourself in and out of the water dolphin-style, flyboarding is a dream come true.
What exactly is this newfangled sport? It’s part hoverboard, part jetpack and 100% awesome.
Using high-powered water jets, flyboards launch you 30 feet into the air to flip and frolic as you wish.
After a quick orientation, Full Throttle Flyboard Co. gets you out on the water with a flyboard strapped to your feet. After that, it’s up to you to unleash your inner super hero.
Flights for $99
Cabana Refuge
Comfy couch? Check. Adirondack chairs? Check. Coffee table? Check. A private cabana atWekiva Island certainly has the creature comforts covered.
About a half hour from Orlando, Wekiva Island is a recreational outpost along the Wekiva River in Longwood.
Near the private cabanas, a wine bar serves up charcuterie boards and craft beer, and the cafe serves crowd pleasers like beef brisket and gator tacos.
No need to move a muscle, though: service to the cabanas is speedy and frequent.
When it’s time to venture out, the Wekiva River is perfect for paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing or just taking a dip. The spring-fed water is 72 degrees all year long.
And, yes, a gator sighting is nearly guaranteed.
Cabanas start at $85/day.


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15 2016 Sep

Qantas Links Your Out-Of-Office Reply To Instagram

For those looking to make sure as many people as possible can see their amazing travel photos, Qantas Airways has introduced a new feature on their website.

You can now incorporate your social media posts into your out-of-office reply. The app will automatically include all your best photos in your responses to e-mails you receive while you’re away. Pretty cool!

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14 2016 Sep

Self-Driving Ubers Coming To A Town Near You

Getting around while in a new city on vacation can be a burden sometimes. Not every city has an intuitive grid layout for their roads. Uber is moving into the future with the launch of self-driving cars in the city of Pittsburgh, Pa.

The pilot program will still utilize drivers for safety and will only be available to a select few customers initially. But imagine a world where you simply order a car from an app and it takes you wherever you need to go!

No word yet on how much more affordable the ride, sans driver, will be.

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14 2016 Sep

High-End Cocktail Lounges Classing Up Miami

Florida is among the most popular vacation destinations in the country. Featuring world-class beaches, outdoor recreation and of course, Disney World, Florida has it all.

Miami is widely regarded as a hot spot for night life. Entire movies have been based around the culture of beach city.

A new trend in Miami is making locals and visitors alike quite happy. Luxury cocktail lounges have sprung up around the city.


More from the New York Times:

The seeds of Miami’s cocktail renaissance were sown in 2007, observers say, at the now-defunct Florida Room, then run by John Lermayer, in the Delano, the seminal South Beach boutique hotel. He went on to design the original menu at the Regent Cocktail Club (, a retro gem that opened in 2013 in the back of the 1940s-era Gale South Beach hotel with intimate booths, swagged drapes and fresh daiquiris that come frothing from the shaker.

“Regent Cocktail Club is rooted in classics,” said Mr. Lermayer, who has since left the club. “Miami needed a classic cocktail bar as a foundation for everything else to grow off from.”

Newer spots line up — conveniently for pedestrians — along Collins Avenue, beginning with the Confidante Miami Beach hotel in Mid-Beach, home to Talde Miami Beach ( This restaurant, from the Brooklyn-based chef Dale Talde, has a lively lounge with a gritty urban feel and a late-night following for such drinks as the Green Lightning, made with green tea, vodka, cucumber and lime ($12), and a noodle menu offered on Fridays and Saturdays at midnight and served until 4 a.m. The hotel also plans to turn a historic 1930s-vintage Mediterranean-style ranch into a craft cocktail bar by the year’s end.

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7 2016 Sep

Hidden Travel Treasure: Mauritius

The small island off the East Coast of African is truly a hidden gem.

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7 2016 Sep

Hotel Shows Gratitude To Service Member

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. We can read reviews and forums all day long to find out what the best accommodations are for a given trip, but this story makes the search easy. For your next trip to Delhi, nothing beats Hotel Taj.

While this story isn’t about a US service member, India is a close ally and their forces do great work along side Americans around the world.
india 1

Hotel Taj showed an Indian Army officer the royal treatment as a sign of respect for his service to the nation.

More from India Times:
The staff approached me with manager leading the contingent. The manager said- Welcome to our hotel Sir, It’s our pleasure to have you in our hotel, handing me the beautiful bouquet. The manager himself had dinner with me.

Next Day.
To my surprise, I was provided with a BMW car by the hotel for my move to “Rashtrapati Bhawan”. Frankly speaking, we are not used to such type of VIP treatment. We fauzis are more comfortable in our Gypsy.

I went to the reception, handed over the card.
Receptionist: Thank you for your stay Sir. How was your stay?
Me: Stay was very comfortable. My Bill please.
Receptionist: Your stay has been sponsored by our hotel. You protect our Nation. So this is our small token of gratitude for you. We respect your patronage.
It was not about the saving money which made me feel good, but it was about the respect they have shown towards the “Olive Green”.
I was deeply touched by this gratitude, What a great nation we live in.
After that incident, I wrote to the CEO of TAJ group of hotels. Narrating the incident and appreciating the gesture shown by the Manager of TAJ Delhi.
To my surprise, I got a return mail from the CEO stating that TAJ group of hotels have decided to give discount to Army officers for their stay in TAJ hotels across the country.

26 2016 Aug

50 Most Beautiful Places in the United States

Each state has its own personality and landmarks but some may be off the beaten path or others, like Minnesota’s Minnehaha falls, are right on the beaten path.

TMT-minnehaha published “The Most Beautiful Places in All 50 States,” which includes some points which are well known, like Arizona’s Antelope Canyon or Oregon’s Crater Lake, but others, like the above mentioned Minnehaha Falls, are a secret to even those who live in the respective area. (The falls are in a park in the center of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area!)


Some are natural wonders while others are architectural monuments, like the Greenbriar resort in West Virginia:


See the full list here.


What is a beautiful spot in your home state that many people may not know about?

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26 2016 Aug

Watch: Abandoned – Disney’s River Country

Some of the best vacations are the ones we never have. Often times planning for the trip is more fun than the trip eventually ends up being. While searching for Disney water parks, you may come across a long forgotten gem, River Country, in the Walt Disney World Resort. This water park was a small addition to the humongous facility and closed down for a variety of reasons, one being viruses in the water, but as Bright Sun Gaming points out, this is the same water that flows through much of the rest of the resort! Watch here to take a tour through the surprisingly well kept River Country Park and tell us in the comments some abandoned places you wish you could still visit!

Cover photo credit:

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12 2016 Aug

Watch: Ten Insane Water Slides in the World

With summer winding down it is the last of your opportunities to make the most of water and thrills, with so little time you may need to combine them. The Richest listed off 10 of the Most Insane Waterslides in the World varying from Roller Coaster style slides to steep drops with only water between you and slide. Watch the full count down here:

Woah! How cool is the Aquaduck? Disney with 2 great thrills on this list!

What are your favorite water slides?