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19 2016 Sep

Ever Wondered How To Make A Great Travel Video?

The good folks over at ‘Stoked For Saturday’ offer up some winning tips and tricks to make an awesome travel video while you’re on the road! The best part is the equipment referenced in the video is all relatively cheap and easy to use.

I personally love the Canon 70D and Rode Shotgun mic for all of my video shooting!

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14 2016 Sep

High-End Cocktail Lounges Classing Up Miami

Florida is among the most popular vacation destinations in the country. Featuring world-class beaches, outdoor recreation and of course, Disney World, Florida has it all.

Miami is widely regarded as a hot spot for night life. Entire movies have been based around the culture of beach city.

A new trend in Miami is making locals and visitors alike quite happy. Luxury cocktail lounges have sprung up around the city.


More from the New York Times:

The seeds of Miami’s cocktail renaissance were sown in 2007, observers say, at the now-defunct Florida Room, then run by John Lermayer, in the Delano, the seminal South Beach boutique hotel. He went on to design the original menu at the Regent Cocktail Club (, a retro gem that opened in 2013 in the back of the 1940s-era Gale South Beach hotel with intimate booths, swagged drapes and fresh daiquiris that come frothing from the shaker.

“Regent Cocktail Club is rooted in classics,” said Mr. Lermayer, who has since left the club. “Miami needed a classic cocktail bar as a foundation for everything else to grow off from.”

Newer spots line up — conveniently for pedestrians — along Collins Avenue, beginning with the Confidante Miami Beach hotel in Mid-Beach, home to Talde Miami Beach ( This restaurant, from the Brooklyn-based chef Dale Talde, has a lively lounge with a gritty urban feel and a late-night following for such drinks as the Green Lightning, made with green tea, vodka, cucumber and lime ($12), and a noodle menu offered on Fridays and Saturdays at midnight and served until 4 a.m. The hotel also plans to turn a historic 1930s-vintage Mediterranean-style ranch into a craft cocktail bar by the year’s end.

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12 2016 Aug

Watch: Ten Insane Water Slides in the World

With summer winding down it is the last of your opportunities to make the most of water and thrills, with so little time you may need to combine them. The Richest listed off 10 of the Most Insane Waterslides in the World varying from Roller Coaster style slides to steep drops with only water between you and slide. Watch the full count down here:

Woah! How cool is the Aquaduck? Disney with 2 great thrills on this list!

What are your favorite water slides?

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11 2016 Aug

Watch: Hidden Disney Parks Secrets

It is no secret that Disney vacations take a lot of planning and money to orchestrate. Getting the family all together, finding the best time of the year to go, not to mention buying all the food and souvenirs once you enter the park. The trip can go by very quickly and if you do not slow down to enjoy it, you could miss the great secrets of Disney. Here are 16 from Talltanic:

You can try the grey stuff! (it’s delicious…) Disney works so hard to make sure the magic is real and it shows in the small details from the hidden Mickeys and an Official seal of the United States!

What Disney secrets have you heard?

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9 2016 Aug

Watch: 10 Movie Sets You Can Still Visit

We have posted many great opportunities and value trips on this blog and if you have not taken advantage of any yet, it is probably because you are comfortable at home watching a movie with your family. Well if you are like me, you love the grandeur of the movies and imagine what it would be like to walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters. produced a video to show off some of our favorite movie sets, whether it is the ancient ruins from Indiana Jones, in modern day Jordan, or the full set of Harry Potter, located in the London Warner Brothers Studios, these places are ready to be explored as though you are the hero of the adventure. Watch:

What movie setting would you like to explore?

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8 2016 Aug

10 Places in the U.S. That Should be on Your Bucket List

Whether you are starting your career or about to retire, you are sure to have a bucket list, you know… they list of things to do or places to see before you “kick the bucket.”

As beautiful as Venice or as fun as Amsterdam is, there are places in the United States that people from all over the world come to see. wrote about cities and landmarks all over the country, See the full list here.

TMT-Glacier    TMT-NY

…maybe wait until cooler months to check out Palm Springs!

What destinations are on your bucket list?

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8 2016 Aug

Best Dog-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Is your significant other hounding you about going on a vacation but you have a pup at home? released a list of America’s 10 Top Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations so you can bring your four-legged friend along with you!


You can even bring your well behaved dog along to tour historical landmarks like Thomas Jefferson’s hilltop estate Monticello!

Any places they missed? Where do you like to bring your canine on vacation?

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5 2016 Aug

California’s Central Coast – Journey Down Highway 1

California is a unique place, which is an understatement. Rarely can you experience the best surf and the best snow boarding in the same day, not to mention the diversity of food and lifestyles.

One of the best journeys you can experience is meandering down the California coast: the clear air, winding roads, natural wonders and historic landmarks all dot this trip.

We start our journey in the heart of the “City by the Bay.” If you are not fogged in you view the beautiful scenery and breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and AT&T Park, home of the Giants. After you have seen all the sites, you get through rush hour and head west to the coast and accelerate onto the 1. (Californians refer to their Highways with “the” first) You pass through Half Moon Bay for an early brunch over the golf course as you start your coastal journey.TMT_HMB-1

After taking in the views you head down the coast to Santa Cruz. You spend the day at the Historic Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk. The Giant Dipper is one of the oldest roller coasters on the west coast and nothing says summer like carnival food. Be sure to take the Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad through the towering redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Photography by Shmuel Thaler

Photography by Shmuel Thaler

The path south winds inland briefly through the agriculture fields of Watsonville and Castroville, the artichoke capital of the world. One can purchase 10 artichokes for $1 when they are in season from shops along Highway 1. You turn the corner onto the dunes of Marina past the former Army Base, Fort Ord, which a significant portion has been converted into a National Monument you can visit. Continue into Monterey and into the sleepy community of Pacific Grove for the Monarch butterflies and the best clam chowder bread bowl you have ever eaten at Vivolo’s Chowder House.


You continue south across the famous Bixby Bridge to Big Sur and through some of the most picturesque scenery in the world, we will let it speak for itself.







Your venture through the forest sends you into San Luis Obispo County and in no time you encounter Hearst Castle, the grand mansion designed for the newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Tours are available daily in different parts of the mansion, which could take a whole day!


When you are done viewing the Roman columns and crystal blue pools continue through to Morro Bay, Avila Beach and Pismo Beach for more of the grand vistas that make the California coast renown around the world.


As you continue south you are on the longest portion of Highway 1 that is inland, past the Vandenberg Air Force Base and turn out into the Sunset over Santa Barbara. The mission style architecture, boutique shops and restaurants Downtown profile the history and culture of this special city. Be sure to stop by the Firestone Walker Brewery for a tall cold glass of beer and some of the best seared ahi in California.


For more on the Pacific Coast, check out National Geographic’s Road Trip.

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4 2016 Aug

Watch: Topgolf Puts Modern Twist on Classic Game

We have all been to the driving range before: You walk into the Pro-shop through the overpriced golf shirts and hats, pass by the shiny new clubs and think “maybe if I just bought new clubs, I would improve my game.” Then you stop and look around, only to realize you are the youngest person in the shop by 20 years, except for the High Schoolers working behind the counter.

Given that golf has traditionally been a sport for retirees to keep themselves spry as the get into the twilight years, there has not been a reason for the younger generation to invest or enjoy the game.

Well now there is Topgolf.

Topgolf is a unique twist on the traditional driving range, it is a combination of driving range, bowling and nightclub. “Players score points by hitting balls (assigned using our microchip technology) into any target. The more accurate your shot and the farther the distance, the more points you earn!” –

Players can also play “Top Drive,” “Top Chip,” or “Top Shot.” You can test all your Golf skills against your friends.

They are appearing all over the country, maybe there is one closer to you than you think. One just opened in Las Vegas, Check it out!

What updated traditions have you have experienced?

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3 2016 Aug

Watch: GoPro Captures Warship Sunk for Diving Reef

This is so cool! Mexican officials authorized the Uribe 121, a former war ship, to be sunk off the coast of Rosarito, Mexico to create the first artificial reef in Baja California.

It is now roughly 95 feet below the surface and the great news for you: it is the best wreck you can dive in Mexico. Watch GoPro capture the sinking and check out Rosarito Ocean Sports to book your trip!

What unique diving experiences have you had?