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4 2015 Aug

Use Airline Shopping Portals For Cheap Flight Tickets

Untitled design(14)Do you struggle with the cost of flights and wonder if there are better ways to earn cheap flight tickets? This post will show you how you can leverage your every day spending to lower the cost of your airline ticket or even earn a free rewards flight!

I’ve always had a passion for travel, but like most people I talk to these days the cost of airline tickets prevented me from traveling as much as I wanted. Then I discovered there are many lucrative ways to earn frequent flyer miles on the ground. Now I earn frequent flyer miles every single day!


How Do I Earn Frequent Flyer Miles Without Flying?

There are several ways to earn frequent flyer miles without flying. I have leveraged all of them to earn over 400,000 frequent flyer miles and points so far this year, and so can you. One of the most lucrative is to use airline shopping portals to earn cheap flight tickets or free rewards flights.

Video on How to Use Airline Shopping Portals For Cheap Flight Tickets

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29 2015 Jul

Frequent Flyer Programs

freqflyerThe first secret to getting free flights is a proper understanding of frequent flyer programs. They are the key to unlocking free flights to destinations all over the world. The world’s airlines began frequent flyer programs as an incentive for customers to continue using their services for flights.

If a customer had a frequent flyer card, they would earn frequent flyer miles equivalent to the distance they flew with that particular airline. So for example, if you flew from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA, a distance of 400 miles, you would get 400 frequent flyer miles to use towards a free flight. As these programs became more popular, businesses took note and began offering frequent flyer bonuses as incentives for signing up for a whole host of programs.

Now customers could get frequent flyer miles for credit card sign ups, hotel stays, dining programs, opening new investment accounts, etc. This meant that, not only could customers earn a free flight by flying numerous times, you could get a free flight by taking advantage of these business promotions while you were on the ground! The key to getting free flights is to learn about these opportunities and take maximum advantage of each one. If you learn how to do this, you can fly to your favorite destinations for free.

Most of the world’s airlines fall under one of three separate alliances. The three big alliances are: OneWorld, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam. If you do not have a frequent flyer account with at least one airline in each alliance, you need to get one as they are completely free. You can access the alliances websites at the following links OneWorld, Star Alliance, SkyTeam.

Pick your most likely traveled airline in each alliance and sign up for their respective frequent flyer programs. You want to have a frequent flyer account with at least one airline in each alliance as you can transfer miles from one airline to another when you redeem them. Most people do not know that you can transfer these miles to partner airlines within each alliance. Having this option greatly increases your flexibility when booking an awards flight.