26 2016 Aug

50 Most Beautiful Places in the United States

Each state has its own personality and landmarks but some may be off the beaten path or others, like Minnesota’s Minnehaha falls, are right on the beaten path.


HouseBeautiful.com published “The Most Beautiful Places in All 50 States,” which includes some points which are well known, like Arizona’s Antelope Canyon or Oregon’s Crater Lake, but others, like the above mentioned Minnehaha Falls, are a secret to even those who live in the respective area. (The falls are in a park in the center of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area!)


Some are natural wonders while others are architectural monuments, like the Greenbriar resort in West Virginia:


See the full list here.


What is a beautiful spot in your home state that many people may not know about?

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26 2016 Aug

Watch: Abandoned – Disney’s River Country

Some of the best vacations are the ones we never have. Often times planning for the trip is more fun than the trip eventually ends up being. While searching for Disney water parks, you may come across a long forgotten gem, River Country, in the Walt Disney World Resort. This water park was a small addition to the humongous facility and closed down for a variety of reasons, one being viruses in the water, but as Bright Sun Gaming points out, this is the same water that flows through much of the rest of the resort! Watch here to take a tour through the surprisingly well kept River Country Park and tell us in the comments some abandoned places you wish you could still visit!

Cover photo credit: Yesterland.com

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12 2016 Aug

Watch: Ten Insane Water Slides in the World

With summer winding down it is the last of your opportunities to make the most of water and thrills, with so little time you may need to combine them. The Richest listed off 10 of the Most Insane Waterslides in the World varying from Roller Coaster style slides to steep drops with only water between you and slide. Watch the full count down here:

Woah! How cool is the Aquaduck? Disney with 2 great thrills on this list!

What are your favorite water slides?

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12 2016 Aug

Magnificent Concert Venues in the U.S.

Summer is winding down as is outdoor concert season. While you begin bundling up check out these stunning outdoor concert venues from around the United States. While the music is played inside, fans cannot help but step back and take in the natural and architectural beauty and history of these venues:

Greek Theater: UC Berkeley, California - http://www.ryanselewicz.com/

Greek Theater: UC Berkeley, California – http://www.ryanselewicz.com/


Nikon at Jones Beach Theater - http://according2g.com/

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater – http://according2g.com/


Red Rocks Amphitheater - http://thousandwonders.net/

Red Rocks Amphitheater – http://thousandwonders.net/

Red Rocks Amphitheater was even featured in the music video for the band Train’s song “Bruises.”

Fodors.com has an even more expansive list of theaters you need to check out.

What amazing event venues have you been to?

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11 2016 Aug

Infographic: Global Off-Season Travel Map

Traveling out of state can be pricey, not to mention attempting to travel out of the country. For those of us who want to explore the entire world but do not have the budget for it, we can either keep dreaming or plan for the off-season.

The good news for you is HolidayMe created an Off-Season Infographic to help better understand what the slow months are in some of the world’s most idyllic places:


You have seen the graphic now, where is your next trip going to be?

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11 2016 Aug

Watch: Hidden Disney Parks Secrets

It is no secret that Disney vacations take a lot of planning and money to orchestrate. Getting the family all together, finding the best time of the year to go, not to mention buying all the food and souvenirs once you enter the park. The trip can go by very quickly and if you do not slow down to enjoy it, you could miss the great secrets of Disney. Here are 16 from Talltanic:

You can try the grey stuff! (it’s delicious…) Disney works so hard to make sure the magic is real and it shows in the small details from the hidden Mickeys and an Official seal of the United States!

What Disney secrets have you heard?

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10 2016 Aug

8 Breathtaking Budget Hostels in Europe

Traveling around Europe can be costly but the magnificent landmarks, history and scenery are almost unmatched in other parts of the world and are a must see for many people. One place I have always wanted to explore is the castles in England where King Arthur ruled with the knights of the round table. As I began searching for ways to make my trip happen I stumbled on The Abroad Guide’s list of 8 Epic Hostels That Cost Less Than $25 a Night.


Castle Tintagel near St. Christopher’s Hostel – Newquay, England

My eyes lit up as I found a beautiful budget hostel within walking distance of the castle, but also 7 other beautiful hostels in other places I would love to visit. I am ready for a Toga Party at the Pink Palace in Corfu, Greece or a night of flamenco and salsa dancing in Madrid, Spain!


Beautiful Grecian Beaches in Corfu near The Pink Palace

See the full list here!

What budget lodging unexpectedly stunned you?

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10 2016 Aug

Regional Fast Food to Keep Your Trip on Budget

While each region has a distinct cuisine for you to sample, not everyone has the budget or ability to explore the best spots. One way you can try regional food, keep your wallet and family happy is fast food. These are not the chains that sell a billion burgers a year to customers but the ones that take extra care of their ingredients and their employees. Locals go crazy for this food and some people have even petitioned to get a restaurant planted in a far away place, like west-coast favorite In-N-Out Burger in New York.

Buzzfeed published a list of 23 Regional Food Chains You Wish Would Go National and that will be your tool to find unique food on a budget for your next trip.

  TMT_Waffle-House  TMT_Noodles

While many offer the normal burger and fry combos, the places like Portillo’s in Chicago compete with local restaurants to offer the best Chicago style hot dog, a staple of the city’s cuisine. Some restaurants, like Chic-fil-a, are working to expand throughout the country so you can get your crispy chicken sandwich, waffle fries and peach milkshake west of the Mississippi.

What regional restaurants do you regular? What restaurants would you like to see take root in your hometown?

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9 2016 Aug

Watch: 10 Movie Sets You Can Still Visit

We have posted many great opportunities and value trips on this blog and if you have not taken advantage of any yet, it is probably because you are comfortable at home watching a movie with your family. Well if you are like me, you love the grandeur of the movies and imagine what it would be like to walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters.

WatchMojo.com produced a video to show off some of our favorite movie sets, whether it is the ancient ruins from Indiana Jones, in modern day Jordan, or the full set of Harry Potter, located in the London Warner Brothers Studios, these places are ready to be explored as though you are the hero of the adventure. Watch:

What movie setting would you like to explore?

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9 2016 Aug

Best Hotel Value in Vegas

While the scale of 4-star hotels may be slightly different in Las Vegas than most other places, there are some truly spectacular spots to stay in when traveling to Sin City.

America’s playground is the spot if you want a ritzy room at a cheap price so Larry Olmsted of Forbes.com released his review of Hotel 32 at the top of the Monte Carlo in 2014 as one of the best valued, new boutique hotels to stay at while in Vegas, read his full write-up here.

Hotel 32 occupies the 32 floor of the Monte Carlo and features loft/condominium style accommodations versus a traditional hotel room at a fraction of the price of a grand suite. Amenities also include VIP check-in and check-out as well as insane views of the strip from Lounge 32.

Do you have champagne budget with a Bud Light budget? Then this is perhaps the place for you.

What other great hotel values have you found in Vegas?