30 2015 Sep

Little Known Secret for Cheap Flight Tickets

Ever wonder how people get such cheap flight tickets? There are tricks to the trade that take a little bit more time and effort than simply going online and purchasing the first ticket you find. One of the best ways to secure cheap flight tickets is to know the policies the airlines don’t advertise right up front. There is a little known policy which if executed right can save you quite alot of money on your next flight, especially if you book well in advance. See my video below to learn about this little known airline policy.

How you can redeem the cost difference if the price of your flight itinerary drops after you purchase it.

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P.S. Want to get the benefit without any of the work? I’ve got some great technology that will scan the price of your itinerary from the moment you purchase it until the moment you board the plane. If the price of your ticket ever drops you will get a full, automatic refund on the spot! If you’d like more information, send an email to kyle@triplemytravel.com and I’ll give you the full scoop.